Reading Lists

Book Recommendation Links:

Do you need a good book? Please stop by and get a personal recommendation. Or feel free to consult some of my favorite book lists linked here. The public library and local bookstores will help you find a good book, too.

Summer Reading Challenge Brochures

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades use their own 750 Page Challenge brochures. Third through Fourth Grades share a brochure. Fifth has its own and Sixth through Eighth Grades use the 1000 Page Challenge below.

Students who read 5000 pages are in the "Librarian's Circle" and enjoy unlimited library book check outs that year. Mr. Weiss has offered to take readers over 10,000 pages to lunch in the fall! Remember books must be age-appropriate. 

Note: Selznick's Invention of Hugo Cabret=285 pages. Wonderstruck=250 pages. The Marvels=211 pages. (Grades 5th and up for content).

Fourth graders and up must count half of the pages for books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate and Dork Diaries.